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:: Tips for Maximizing the life of Hard Disk :: Hard disk is one of the most important components of your PC and losing your data on it can be a nightmare.For a hard disk's life, Maintenance is key. You change your oil in your car right? Hopefully every few thousand miles. In fact a maintenance schedule, just like the one for your car, is the best way to hedge against a busted drive outside of backing it up. You'll also benefit from increased speed and efficiency. It's recommended to keep your computer in a stable environment: 65 to 80 F constantly with less than 75 percent humidity, no excessive vibration and a surge protector. Also Its necessary that You dont move Your Computer / CPU while its ON. :: Defragmenting the hard disk :: This is one of the most important tasks that you need to regularly execute on your hard disk to keep it fit and healthy. Disk fragmentation occurs over time and is unstoppable but reversible. If is pretty easy to defragment your hard disk as here is an inbuilt defragmenter built into the Windows itself. You can access it by right clicking My Computer and then selecting Manage. In the left pane you can find the disk fragmenter option. :: Use a UPS with your PC :: Your PC components are very susceptible to voltage fluctuations and a sudden fluctuation can ruin any component of your PC. A power surge is very dangerous to the health of your hard disk and you should always use a UPS. Apart from that ensure that you use good power supply brand of appropriate wattage. :: Automatic Software Updates :: It's a no-duh kind of thing but really this is something not everybody does, despite every modern operating system being set up to do so. Viruses, messed up software and less than ideal security are all major contributors to an early grave for your hard disk. It doesn't take that long, just click yes when prompted. :: Monitor your hard disk and backup! :: Hard disk failures are not always all of a sudden. Due to slow and steady wear and tear over time hard disks become prone to failure. These failures can be detected before hand by using S.M.A.R.T technology inbuilt into the hard disks. Softwares such as DiskView and Stellar SMART use it to analyse the hard disk and keep it under check. Use such softwares to monitor your hard disk and potential hard disk failures. But the best and the safest way is to backup! Invest in a secondary hard disk, be it internal or external and maintain a backup of all your important data. A few bucks will go a long way in case of a hard disk failure. Source :- In-house IT manager